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Create OEM Solution
Keepgo will help you create your own OEM (original equipment manufacturer) solution based on our products and services

Resell and Earn
Boost earnings and reach more clients. Benefit from our progressive discount plan as you resell our innovative API Sim

Connectivity Consultations
Keepgo Connectivity Specialists will provide you with dedicated sales support, consulting, and IoT solutions expertise

Marketing Support
Keepgo provides everything you need to effectively present and promote your campaign, including new lead generation

Competitive pricing
Grow your own business as you generate more revenue with our competitive pricing on solutions/services/data plans

24/7 technical assistance
Our experienced support team is available 24/7 to provide you with qualified help whenever you need it


Data Prices & Coverage to create new products and services

Data Prices & Coverage to create new products

As you resell the API SIM cards you can create unique products that allow your customer to enjoy a simple cross-border connectivity in 150+ countries worldwide, with multiple operators in one country. For example, your clients can connect broadband and IoT devices in the USA (T-Mobile, AT&T), Canada (Rogers, Bell, Tellus), and other popular destinations.

Instant connectivity is what people are looking for. With the API SIM you can create products to meet specific market niches. Your customers pay for the service you create and you pay per each megabyte they use without any contacts or hidden fees.

A reliable and secure network
A reliable and secure network

Training Program

Even if you know little to nothing about Keepgo products and services, there is no reason for worries. We provide clear explanations during our training programs conducted once every two weeks. Every webinar is self-containing, meaning that even if you missed past webinars, you can understand what the new one delivers. The major part of every webinar is a Q&A session, so you will get clear explanations on every topic.

Transparent Terms of Agreement

We guarantee that Keepgo will provide its partners with the clear terms and conditions of the cooperation agreement so that you can rest assured that none of your customers' details leak.

A reliable and secure network


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