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Meet New & Updated Features of Keepgo Connectivity Platform

Perfection knows no limits. Keepgo connectivity platform is enhanced with new stunning features every once in a while. It’s getting way easier to manage your lines and refill the balance so that none of your SIMs will go offline all of a sudden.

What’s included in the most recent update of Keepgo Connectivity Platform? Here are several of the major improvements that are already available in your account.


New Domain Name

First and foremost, Keepgo Connectivity Platform has a new domain name - https://platform.keepgo.com

In order to open the platform and use API, please use platform.keepgo.com instead of admin.keepgo.com and console.keepgo.com.



  • To find the Auto-Refill option, navigate to the Billing & Payments menu in your account.

  • We added the possibility to enable/disable Auto-refill functionality.
  • Auto-Refill amount will be calculated on the 5th day of every month as average daily usage in USD multiplied by 10. The amount cannot be changed (it can be 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500). If the result is greater than $500, then $500 will be set as auto-refill value.


SIM Cards Activation for Sub-Accounts

  • You can apply bulk actions to activate or deactivate all SIM cards of Sub-Accounts.
  • Users os Sub-Accounts can activate/deactivate SIM cards.
  • You can see the number of SIM cards of Sub-Accounts using a SIM card filter.


MT/MO SMS Messages Tab

SMS Messages tab was added to SIM card details. You can see MT/MO (mobile terminated/mobile originated) messages log there.


Account Balance & Notifications

  • Minimum balance is calculated as average daily usage in USD equivalent for the last 10 days (your minimum balance cannot go below $5.00).
  • You will receive email notifications in case your Available Balance is estimated to fall below the average daily usage in USD in 7/5/4/3/2 days.
  • You will be notified about SIM cards suspension due to a low balance.

The connectivity platform has become more usable and functional. Discover all new and improved features by yourself!